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Electric Cars: Time to Reconsider?

Just eight years ago, the number of electric vehicles that were available to the consumer could be counted on one hand. They were expensive and largely fell short of the demands necessary to satisfy daily commute requirements. At best, they were a curiosity fit for the consumer with money to spare and a desire to try something new.

That has changed. There are more than a dozen electric vehicles now being offered and each of these is far more robust and capable than its predecessors. These vehicles go beyond satisfying a buyer’s altruistic motive to make the world a better place. These cars perform and they do so while providing benefits not shared by their gas guzzling cousins.

Some of the benefits and improvements that set these cars apart from their predecessors include the following:

Lower Maintenance – There are fewer moving parts in an electric vehicle drive system. This means they are far less susceptible to mechanical wear and tear. Better, there is no need to change the oil in an electric car.

Quieter – While there may be a slight whine from the electric motor, there are no noises from the non-existent engine or tail pipe. In fact, drivers need to watch for the pedestrians that don’t hear these cars coming.

Longer Brake Life – When slowing or braking in an electric car, the motor becomes a generator that returns energy to the batteries. This is referred to as regeneration. While this improves vehicle range and efficiency, it also has a secondary benefit. Specifically, regeneration causes the vehicle to slow. This means less wear and tear on the brake pads.

Wider Range of Charging Options – As battery charging methods become standardized, there are more battery chargers available than ever before. These range from small overnight chargers to fast chargers that can restore most of the battery energy in less than two hours.

Lower Battery Cost – The battery pack in an electric vehicle is the most expensive assembly. However, that is changing with increased competition and falling manufacturing costs. Even now, the battery pack for a vehicle is almost half the cost of what it was six years ago.

Range Improvements – Even the lower cost electric cars are boasting ranges that exceed a daily round trip commute of 60 miles. Better, some places of employment are now offering charging stations which extend the daily commute range.

No Smog Tests – That’s because there are no tail pipe emissions.

In less than a decade, these alternative fuel vehicles have moved from infancy to a mode of transportation that provides full performance. In another decade, they may just replace their gas driven cousins all together.


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