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Exploring Salvage Auctions as a Way to Buy Your Next Motorcycle

For many people, there is simply nothing that can ever match the joy of riding down the highway on their motorcycle. That feeling of freedom, coupled with the wind on your face, cannot be beat. However, if your old motorcycle has given up the ghost and you need to buy a new one, it can be quite expensive. Luckily however, there is a more affordable way to buy the motorcycle of your dreams at a more affordable rate – salvage auctions.


What is a salvage auction?

When a vehicle, such as a car or motorcycle, has been involved in an accident or has been damaged by the weather, and the cost to repair it would exceed the value of the vehicle, the insurance company will declare it a loss and take possession of it. These vehicles are then put up for auction at salvage auctions, where they may be bought and rebuilt.

What condition will the motorcycle be in?

When buying a motorcycle from a salvage auction, you will of course need to determine what condition it is in. In some cases, the motorcycle may need to be completely rebuilt. However, in some cases, the damage to the motorcycle is almost entirely cosmetic. You will need to decide, based on how handy you are with a wrench, how much work you are willing to put into the motorcycle.

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How much will the motorcycle cost?

At most salvage auctions you will be able to find vehicles ranging in cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The cost of your new motorcycle will depend mainly on the type of motorcycle you are bidding on and the amount of work that needs to be carried out on it. Of course, you also need to take into account that there will be others in the room who might also be interested in the bike, so make sure that you know how much you are willing to spend. In any case, you should expect to spend significantly less than you would on a brand new motorcycle.

Clearly then, salvage auctions can potentially be a great way to obtain your next motorcycle. By purchasing a motorcycle that has seen better days and spending the time to make the necessary repairs, you can potentially save thousands of dollars. Before too long, you and your new motorcycle will be back on the open road.

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