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This was “love at first sight,” says Sasha. The 26 year-old woman from Miami, Florida had her very first motorcycle ride on a Ducati two years ago and says her life has not been the same since. “My entire life is a driving motion of shifting realities,” she explains. “Moving forward to a new victory is my craving.” But why a salvage motorcycle?

Sasha is a singer and actress, and now she is also a part-time biker. The thrill of speed matches her energetic sensibilities perfectly. It has become one of her engrossing passions. “In my life there is no place for the word ‘Stop.’ Therefore, I choose speed.”


An Adrenaline Junkie

Sasha’s choices of career and hobby are no coincidence. Her love of getting up on stage has propelled her to seek success ever since she was a young girl. “Music and the audience give me a powerful energy,” she says. “At these moments, I feel invincible.” The emotional connection she gets from a roaring crowd can now only be supplemented by the roar of a powerful engine beneath her. She compares the rush she gets from being up on stage with the feeling of whipping down the highway on custom-tuned performance bike.

She calls the mixture of music and speed “a crazy combination.” The excitement she felt when she rode a motorcycle for the first time caused something to click in her brain, and it compelled her to switch from a four-wheel motor vehicle to a two-wheeled twister.


Deciding on Ducati

Despite Sasha’s first stirring experience on a Ducati, the choice of bike was not immediately obvious to her. “I wanted to get myself a very special bike, so I started testing different bikes like choppers and tour bikes.” Unfortunately for her, none of them felt right. The poignant moment of her first bike ride simply could not be matched by most production bikes.

Then, inspiration luckily struck again. “One day, my friend showed me his custom-made Hayabusa – a 197 horsepower colorful beast.”

The difference between this bike and all the others she had tried was immediate. The raw power of the Hayabusa was tailored to the personality of the friend who owned it, and she knew that she had to find a bike that she could customize in order to call her own. “I understood that my bike should be made especially for me. After all, a girl does not want to come to a party with the same dress as other girls!!”


RideSafely to the Rescue

Once Sasha came to this realization, she knew that she wanted to find and customize a Ducati Monster. The impression of her first ride had left a lingered impression, long after. “I always loved Ducati and when I came across the Monster, I knew ‘This is it,’” Sasha recalls. When she sat down on one at the Ducati dealership, “the choice became obvious.”

However, right after setting her heart on a Ducati Monster, she quickly ran into a problem: money. “A MSRP of $16,000 was a bit high for me for a stock bike.” Sasha became distraught at the high cost of entry for her dream bike. She began to ask other bikers about the best way to customize a bike and save money at the same time. They pointed her to

“The same friend with the Hayabusa introduced me to and its concierge team. They helped me to choose the right Monster, and I ended up buying a salvage motorcycle: a 2013 Ducati Monster 1100EVO, with 1500 miles on it, for less than 3,000.” The bike was an absolute steal and it fit well within her budget. RideSafely even delivered the bike from California to Miami for only $1,100.


After getting her dream bike safely in Miami, getting it road-ready was a cinch. “I quickly found a shop in Miami and they estimated the needed spare parts.” All said and done, the total cost of parts was less than $1,500 – mostly thanks to some smart online purchases. She has spent around $5,600 on the bike so far, and estimates the total cost of finishing the customizations to be around $2,400 more, putting the overall cost at somewhere around $8,000. For a custom made 2013 Ducati Monster 1100EVO, that is a true bargain!!

At the end of the day, Sasha is extremely pleased with her decision to purchase a salvage bike and the opportunity that gave her. Finding a cheap way to get the bike of her dreams lights up her eyes and gives her an extra boost of confidence on the stage.

What is the most surprising part of the whole project for her? “How easy and fun it was to save $8,000, which is more than 50% off the retail price for a similar project. Thank you!”

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Photographer – Alexander Bider

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