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The 3 Series was introduced in 1975 and it has been BMW’s bestselling car ever since. It is also known for being the bestselling entry-level luxury car in the USA. The 3 Series is mostly sold as a four door saloon, but it can also be purchased as a touring, a coupe or a coupe-cabriolet with a metal folding roof.

Since its inception, the BMW 3 Series has won numerous “Car of the Year” awards everywhere around the world and it was also featured on the prestigious Car and Driver’s Ten Best List more than 16 times. Owners of the 3 Series praise it for its perfect blend of luxury, speed, comfort and style.

BMW has always been among the best in business when it comes to making highly refined engines and mating them to perfectly tuned chassis and the 3 Series is definitely among the best handling cars in its class.

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The best-selling bimmer offers a choice of six different trim levels. There are also six engines to choose from and only one of them is a diesel. The M3 comes fitted with a powerful 4.0-litre V8 engine, which turns the saloon into a modern muscle car. All of the trim levels provide the driver with a vast array of luxury options and innovative features such as the run-flat tires which are fitted in order to provide more trunk space. The 328i is the best-selling trim level and it often faces heavy competition from Mercedes Benz C-Class, Audi A4, Lexus IS and Acura TL. The most common price range for the 3 Series is $3,000-$19,000, while the most sought after colors include black, silver and blue.

Compared to its rivals, the 3 Series has the smallest interior space, especially the leg and headroom. The N54 engine, which can be found in the 335i model, is the least preferable engine choice because it may be involved with High Pressure Fuel Pump failures.

The IIHS gave the 3 Series a “Good” overall rating in frontal and side impact crash tests and it also gave it the Top Safety Pick award.

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