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The Nissan Leaf is part of a new chapter in automobile technology: the electric vehicle. Consumers have been crying out for eco-friendly alternatives to their gas-guzzling cars and Nissan has been listening.

Aesthetically pleasing on the exterior, the Leaf has an aerodynamic body style with a rear spoiler, designed to cut through the wind with little resistance. This feature is as much about functionality as it is about looks, since electric vehicles need to conserve every precious watt of battery power. The Nissan Leaf sports P205/55R16 tires mounted on 16″ alloy wheels. Its LED headlights are designed to emit the most light with the least amount of power consumption. The dual power outside mirrors and chrome door handles are frosting on the cake.

No shortcuts were taken on the interior either. With seating for five passengers, the Leaf is roomier than you would expect for a compact car. The fold-down rear seats offer plenty of room for cargo too. Two cup holders and two bottle holders mean that you won’t have to drive with a cup of coffee between your legs as you listen to your AM/FM/CD sound system with USB input and XM satellite radio.

  • Automatic temperature control, along with heated seats, steering wheel, and mirrors make for a comfortable ride in colder climates.
  • Power door locks, power windows, tilt steering, cruise control and push-button ignition are all part of the long list of features that will surely make the Nissan Leaf a pleasure to drive.

Performance should prove to be exceptional as well. The 80 kw AC synchronous motor, designed to propel the Leaf to speeds of 90 MPH, is powered by a 24 kwh lithium-ion battery. While driving, the battery is charged by the onboard 3.3 kw charger and regenerative brakes. When parked, it may be plugged into a 120v trickle charger or 440v fast charger. Driving range is estimated to be 100 miles on a full charge.

Stopping shouldn’t be a problem either, with power-assisted disc brakes on both front and rear. Four wheel anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist will afford the driver greater control when stopping also. Speed-sensitive power-assisted steering along with front and rear stabilizer bars promise to make the Leaf nimble in the turns.

The Nissan Leaf is one of the first of a new generation of eco-friendly vehicles that will surely dot the landscape of the future. These new plug-in electric vehicles all boast zero tailpipe emissions. Since they don’t burn gas, they don’t pollute the environment. And the electric motor is so quiet that there is no sound pollution either. In fact, an artificial sound generator is used at speeds less than 18 MPH, to alert pedestrians.

So, as we enter a new chapter in eco-friendly vehicles, Nissan is leading the way by turning over a new leaf.


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The 80 kw AC synchronous motor, designed to propel the Nissan Leaf to speeds of 90 MPH, is powered…

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