Does Your Salvage Car Have These Safety Features?

Consider this scenario: you just found the car of your dreams — only to discover that it comes with a salvage title.

A salvage title can radically change your perspective of a car. In many U.S. states, a salvage title indicates that the car has zero insurance value, has been significantly damaged or was reported as stolen. However, that doesn’t mean that the car is a lost cause. Sometimes, a car suffers extensive but superficial damage, (as in the case of fire damage) and all it is key electronic and mechanical features still remain intact. Read more

Exploring Salvage Auctions as a Way to Buy Your Next Motorcycle

For many people, there is simply nothing that can ever match the joy of riding down the highway on their motorcycle. That feeling of freedom, coupled with the wind on your face, cannot be beat. However, if your old motorcycle has given up the ghost and you need to buy a new one, it can be quite expensive. Luckily however, there is a more affordable way to buy the motorcycle of your dreams at a more affordable rate – salvage auctions. Read more