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The 2016 Chrysler 200 is an affordable and capable four-door sedan with some stiff competition. It’s classed with other popular sedans such as the Toyota Camry and the Chevrolet Malibu. Yet, the Chrysler 200 still manages to hold its own by offering a dependable vehicle at a price that is sublime. It has a base price of $22,115, with most dealerships offering a host of incentives and discounts to sweeten the deal. The 200 gets decent gas mileage (32 mpg on the highway) and plenty of stow-and-go cargo space on the interior. There are six different model trims to choose from, so it’s certainly worth a closer look. Read more

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If your image of the electric car is an econobox like the Chevy Volt or Toyota Prius, you have not checked out the great sports cars Tesla has to offer. Founder Elon Musk has set out to create a different kind of car company, and he has succeeded in spectacular fashion with the new Tesla Model X.

Industry watchers think the new Model X may be the most innovative and technologically savvy Tesla model yet, and that is saying a lot. Elon Musk has certainly bet big on the Model X, designing what he hopes will be the coolest and highest tech vehicle to ever hit the highway.
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Elon Musk, the brains behind the Tesla nameplate, has famously said that the Tesla Model X will double the company’s sales. That is a bold statement, but the many technological innovations built into the car just may make that claim a reality.

The Tesla Model X features a number of improvements over previous models, including an improved battery range of up to 300 miles. That is a lot of driving for a vehicle powered by electricity, but it is just one of the many great features included in the Model X.

Drivers who know the Tesla nameplate primarily from its tiny two-passenger sports cars may be surprised that the new Model X can tote up to seven passengers in high style. The longer wheelbase and greater comfort of the Model X is expected to be one of its primary selling points, drawing more buyers into the world of electric vehicles.

The Model X may is available for sale, and it is already drawing the excitement of drivers everywhere. Automotive enthusiasts have long been enthusiastic about Tesla and its future. Now ordinary drivers are lining up to take a look, enjoy an exhilarating test drive and head into the future in style.

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This model designation was first introduced when the big redesign of the entire Ram range took place in 1994. The redesign brought significant changes, and all the models of the range started looking like big rig trucks. The buyers enjoyed it so much that Ram won the Truck of the Year award given by the Motor Trend magazine three times. Read more

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The Subaru Outback has outgrown its station wagon roots and now securely falls into the crossover/SUV category. Completely redesigned for 2017, the Subaru Outback quietly rolled off the assembly line and right into the winner’s circle. When Motor Trend named it the 2010 sport/utility of the year, people took notice. The Outback’s new styling paired with its car-like ride make this a versatile vehicle worth looking at.

The new Subaru Outback has lost its station wagon styling with an extra 4.1 inches in height, 2.0 more inches in width and a 2.8 inch longer wheelbase. At the same time, it’s close to an inch shorter than the previous model. It’s 8.7 inches of ground clearance is class-leading and with 34.3 cubic feet of cargo space, the dogs can happily come along for the ride. Increased room in the back seat ensures that human passengers will ride in comfort, too.

The Outback comes with either a 2.5 liter or a 3.6 liter engine available in a base, Premium or Limited trim level. New this year is a CVT (continuously variable transmission) that comes with 2.5i Premium and Limited models (a 6-speed manual is also available). The CVT performs well and even has paddle shifters to simulate manual gear ratios. The 2.5i engine delivers 170 hp with an impressive 22/29 mpg and most buyers will happily go home with this model. But for those who want more power for passing, mountain climbing and hauling, the 3.6R may be the best choice.

This year’s DOHC 6-cylinder 3.6-liter Subaru Boxer engine drives like smooth chocolate and still gets a decent 18/25 mpg. With 256 hp, the 3.6R 5-speed automatic effortlessly glides up hills or down the highway. Drivers at higher altitudes will appreciate the extra power of the larger engine.

The interior of the Outback looks capable and traditional for the most part. It has a new electronic parking brake and available navigation screen. Popular options include the all-weather package, dual zone climate control, bluetooth connectivity and 440-watt, 6-disc harman/kardon audio system. The one throw-back to the old station wagon days is the fake wood trim that comes in the higher-end models. Subaru’s comfortable new seats make up for the plastic wood trim.

With an MSRP of $22,995 to $30,995 (without optional features) the Subaru Outback offers a good mix of value and versatility. For environmentalists, Subaru also offers Outback models that qualify as a Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (PZEV). All Outbacks are built in a zero-landfill plant in Indiana, a concept that’s been slow to catch on in the U.S. For 2011 the Outback is due for $200 price increase and minor changes such as folding exterior mirrors.

Today’s buyer wants comfort, utility, reliability and high tech features at an affordable price. Subaru has managed to check all those boxes and more with the 2016 Outback. A few traditional Subaru lovers may mourn the passing of station wagon, but the popularity of the new Outback means it’s here to stay.


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