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Things You Should Know Before Attending a Public Car Auction

Public auctions are definitely growing in popularity. Tired of the menacing promises that car dealerships offer, car enthusiasts are turning towards public car auctions as an alternative.

Public car auctions have become a hot property during the last decade or so, and they are filled with bidders looking to get a good deal on the car they are bidding for. Knowing this, it is best for you to do your homework beforehand and know your stuff before you walk into a public auction to place your bid on a car.

Here we talk about the things you should know before walking into a public car auction and how you can use the knowledge from this article to best impact. Remember that buying your choice of car from a public car auction is way more beneficial than buying a car from a dealership. So, if you are able to seal a good deal, you will have a lot of benefits to enjoy.


Public car auction process

Public car auction process and things you should know


Know What You Want
The first thing you should know before heading to a public car auction is what you want. Car auctions aren’t the place for confused souls to be at. So, if you are confused regarding what you want and how you should go for it, make your mind up before going to a public auction.

You would also want to know all the details pertaining to the kind of car you want. Details in this regard would help you get a good deal on the car of your choice.

Now, you might benefit from having prior information pertaining to cars in general. It is good to know details such as the difference between a carburetor and a catalytic converter. If you are unsure of these differences, then have someone along with you knows what there is to know about the car that you’re buying. The expert would help you with the bidding process and in garnering info about the car as well.

Have Some Extra Money for Repairs
While public auctions have good cars, it is best for you to keep some spare money with you for all future repairs that might arise in the long-term. You would obviously only want to take your car to the road when you’re sure of its condition and the fact that this car is best for you in the long run. A typical sedan might require repairs amounting to around $300-$600 to be brought into perfect running condition. So, you would want to have that kind of spare cash with you, in case you need to repair the car.

Know Your Car’s History
You might not always be able to tell a car’s history at an auction, but you can make use of external websites such as CARFAX to learn about the ownership of the car and other necessary details pertaining to it.

All you need for obtaining info about a car on CARFAX is the VIN or the vehicle identification number of the car you’re interested in. Once you have that vehicle identification number or VIN with you, you can use it to good effect for getting the background info on the car.

Also, take different factors into account before bidding at a public car auction. If the date of the auction is directly after a bad flood within the area you live in, then consider the role of water damage and that the cars are being auctioned because of this very reason.

Find Out How the Auction Works
All auto auctions work differently, as they might not be following the same rules and regulations at all instances. So, you should be wary of making the mistake of confusing one auto auction as the golden standard for all auto auctions.

Auto auctions come with their own rules and regulations, which is why it is best to study the auto auction you are going to in deep detail before making any assumptions pertaining to that specific auto auction.

Some auto auctions might allow consumers to preview the car before it is being put under bid, while others wouldn’t. All these actions are under the sole interest of the auto auction, so you should check with them first.

Public car auctions can be quite intimidating. Fortunately, has got you covered. Participate in our online car auctions and find the car that is the best fit for you.

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