Transportation Questions


Please provide shipping prices from USA to Oman?

Hello, I am planning to buy some cars from Ridesafely website and I want to ship it to Oman from USA Port.. So would you please provide me prices from USA ports to Oman? Thanks
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How to ship or export car to El Salvador?

We have contacted regarding shipping car to El Salvador. They can only ship a full container there which is about 3-4 regular sized vehicles. More details : How much does it cost to ship a car?

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Can I tow a RV with salvage title?

You would have to hire a shipping company that is capable of towing over-sized items. Please try contacting for shipping assistance. More details : How much does it cost to ship a car?

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How many days of free storage do I have?

Free storage is based on which auction the vehicle is coming from. The free days vary from 2-7 calendar days. Read more

How a car can be shipped to Nigeria & does it have extra charges?

car shipping cost to nigeriaMost of the vehicle we have listed are exportable. If ever in doubt, please contact our customer service at 215-289-0300. Please use shipping calculator on every item to figure out maximum cost on the vehicle. You could also obtain a free shipping quote to Nigeria by going to

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