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RideSafely has been around for a decade, and all the while we have kept tabs on every single salvage vehicle we sold. We also noticed that there have been some crowd salvage favorites over that time. Here is a list of our top-selling salvage vehicles from the past ten years:

1st Salvage Ford F150

ford f 150The Ford F150 has been America’s best-selling vehicle of all time for over 32 years. Salvage Ford F150s are no exception. The truck’s rugged dependability, versatility and sheer horsepower makes it useful for any person who works with their hands for a living.

Even if you do not haul tools or lumber for a living, the Ford F150 has so many configurations that anyone can find a way to include it in their daily routine.

2nd Salvage Honda Accord

honda accordWith Honda’s amazing build quality and continuing increase in comfort, the Honda Accord comes off as a steal. The vehicles have a low MSRP even when new, and they tend to last for as long as you care to drive them. They are also incredibly dependable. If they do happen to have issues they also have some of the cheapest and most widely-available parts around.

3rd Salvage Ford Mustang

ford mustangFord is our top-selling brand, and second to the Ford F150 their fabled pony car is the top-selling salvage vehicle. A salvage Mustang provides an affordable way to get your thrills on the road and look good while doing it. It seems that gearheads cannot seem to wait to get their hands on a salvage Mustang, and the enormous variety of body types and aftermarket accessories released over the years means that no two Mustangs are alike.

chevrolet silveradoChevy has been in fierce competition with Ford ever since automobiles became a mainstay in America. Their Chevrolet Silverado truck has proven that Chevys are just as good if not better than their rivals.

The Chevy Silverado has many available packages and trim levels to meet any hard-working person’s needs. Long beds, heavy-duty suspensions and innovative tailgate designs have given Ford a run for their money. On top of that, any family would be happy to own a Chevrolet Silverado thanks to their comfort and spacious four-door options.

5th Salvage Chevrolet Corvette

chevrolet corvetteFollowing Ford’s pattern, just after Chevy’s best-selling truck comes the Salvage Chevrolet Corvette. Unlike the Mustang, though, the Corvette is a proper sports car. Model versions like the Z06 pump out an intimidating 505HP, and Chevy have proven that these numbers can only go higher. The salvage Corvette has been a great base car for deep tuning projects, restoration projects, or just an easy way to save money on your personal corvette.

A Chevy Corvette also makes a bold statement while on the road or parked by the curb. Their sleek, stealthy sheet metal complements their racing heritage with a sexy look that makes it hard to stop staring.

6th Salvage Toyota Camry

toyota camryAs long as pickups are left out of the equation, the Camry is the best-selling car in America. Like Honda, Toyota emphasizes build quality and reliability in a value-based package. 

The newest Camry’s has been lauded as having suspensions and engines far more sophisticated than most people expect out of a Japanese brand. Also, the level of interior comfort almost makes Toyota’s own luxury brand Lexus feel like a close comparison.

7th Salvage BMW 3-Series

Used BMW 3-SeriesWhen it comes to luxury cars, everyone wants a BMW. The zippy BMW 3 series offers incredible engines that are complimented by rock-solid chassis and cutting-edge transmissions – German engineering at its finest.

On top of that, BMW has constantly striven to push the envelope in terms of comfort and state-of-the-art technology for its drivers. The iDrive system pioneered infotainment systems in vehicles, and it has been largely copied by every car manufacturer since its debut. Salvage BMW’s have proven to be thrilling no less than new one’s.

8th Salvage Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide (FLHTCUI)

Used Harley DavidsonMotorcycles are not sold nearly as often as cars on RideSafely (87% of our business is used cars for sale, 12% is motorcycles), but when they are you can bet it will be a Harley. Since the 50s, Harley Davidson has been synonymous with a tough persona and a carefree lifestyle.

The Salvage Electra Glide model offers many comforts while riding down the road, with a large frame and refined suspension that keeps riders from having to endure divots and uneven paving. These bikes are just as great touring as they are riding about town, and they always look cool while doing it.

These are just a smattering of the salvage vehicles we sell every day on RideSafely. Buyers are always looking to get the perfect car to help them on the job or maybe just to make a statement while gunning it down the highway.

Look through our various online car auctions to find the car that you have always been wanting, and you too can join the ranks of satisfied customers.


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