Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to RideSafely Auto Auctions! Get started on your journey now. We understand that diving into the world of auto auctions can be exhilarating yet occasionally confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this extensive FAQ list to equip you with all the knowledge necessary to make confident vehicle purchases on our platform.

Buyer Services

  1. Is there any membership cost for international buyers?
  2. Do I need a broker to purchase a car with you, and what is the annual purchase limit?
  3. Is the RideSafely German office closed?
  4. Is it possible for residents of Canada to make a purchase through RideSafely?
  5. What is the process for exporting a car from the United States?
  6. Do you have someone who can speak Spanish?
  7. Can I bid live if I don’t have a business license?
  8. As an ordinary citizen, can I bid on any car, and if so, what do I need to do to purchase it, and are the fees different?
  9. Can people outside the US buy cars and participate in auctions, or can only US residents born and raised in the US participate?
  10. Are you a dealer? Can I finance a vehicle from a bank to pay you as a dealer?
  11. I need to know, where can I get financing?
  12. I live in WV and I am looking at cars in PA and OH. Will I need a broker our dealers license to bid on these cars?
  13. How does this work when you purchase a vehicle that is in a different state than the buyer is located?
  14. Can anyone buy from the auction, or must they be a car dealer?
  15. If I don’t have a dealer license, can I still bid or buy a vehicle in an auction?
  16. Is there still auction available in Canada?
  17. Do you still have a representative in UAE?
  18. Do Ridesafely have selling outlets in every state in America?
  19. How am I supposed to find the locations to pick up the vehicle I purchase and phone numbers?
  20. What are the storage yard hour of operation and days of the week?
  21. Do you have lenders or banks that we can get pre-approved for the auction?
  22. Do you have someone who can speak Spanish?
  23. Can private out of state purchase?
  24. Can I buy a salvage car during my visit to the USA?
  25. The English version differs from the translated versions – Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, etc. Which is correct?
  26. What are your working hours?


  1. What is a salvage title?
  2. Which titles remain clean: ‘May Become Salvage’ or ‘Clean Title (P) May Become Salvage’?
  3. What does “NY MV-907A (must be reconstructed in the state of NY)” mean, and will I be able to register it in Michigan?
  4. What does a “Junk Certificate” on a vehicle mean?
  5. How long will it take to receive the title after winning the auction?
  6. How can I obtain a replacement title?
  7. What does ‘Reissue VIN Branding’ mean?
  8. Can an FL Certificate of Destruction marked ‘For Export Only’ and ‘Parts Only, No Title’ be exported to Dubai, UAE?
  9. What does “NY CLEAR OPEN LIENS” mean on an auction listing?
  10. What does the Title Designation “NJ DIS/DLR” mean?
  11. What does ‘exempt status’ mean for vehicles?
  12. Can an out-of-state salvage title be registered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in my name?
  13. Why must the vehicle be reconstructed in New York instead of another state?
  14. What does ‘Title: PENDING FOR 30 DAYS’ mean?
  15. What does ‘Not Suitable for Registration’ mean?
  16. What happens if the title becomes “salvage” after I transfer ownership?
  18. Do all vehicles need an official inspection to be allowed on the road?
  19. What happens if I loose a title and/or need to order a duplicate?
  20. Which vehicles come with clean titles ready to be tagged and insured?
  21. What does it mean when I buy a car that has a clean title but when you do the transfer it can become a salvage title. Will I still be able to drive it?
  22. My question is if there is any documentation of such abandoned cars and how to distinguish if there is or not. I would also need export documentation and if provided who is responsible for the paperwork and expenses?
  23. Which type of documents I will receive when I buy a car with the title of salvage and what type of document do I receive for registration in the Czech Republic?
  24. What does this mean: CERTIFICATE OF TITLE (CLEAN) may become SALVAGE upon ownership transfer as per NMVTIS regulation?
  25. Is it possible to matriculate a motorcycle in Germany imported from the U.S. with a certificate of destruction?
  26. Can NC non-public clean title cars be exported to Nigeria?
  27. Can a non-public clean title car be exported?
  28. Is it possible to export a car that has a Missouri junking certificate?
  29. FL Certificate of Destruction can a vehicle with such kind of title be exported to Nigeria?
  30. If I get a Certificate of Destruction For Export Only. US Customers, Parts Only. No Title. can you not get a title and insurance?
  31. What does Salvage Branded IF Rebuilt specifically mean, and is it just a regular salvage title?
  32. Can the vehicle with a clear title be exported out of American to any other country like Nigeria?
  33. What does a clean title, which means the vehicle is not salvaged, mean, and what are the fees associated with buying it now?
  34. What does it mean when a title says Salvage Certificate?
  35. Say must be rebuilt in NY. Does that mean after I rebuild vehicle I must send the info to NY to get a rebuilt title? I live in AZ can I rebuild and have inspected in AZ have no plans to be in NY.
  36. What does Bill of Sale as a Title Description mean?
  37. Can I buy a car on the auction with a Non Public Clean Title for personal use?
  38. I purchased a salvage RV popup trailer. I repaired myself. How do I obtain a new title in Texas?
  39. May a clear title be purchase on RV if its rebuild complete from a destruction title?
  40. If the bike is for Export to Europe can it be with a Clear Title then?
  41. What does “Certificate of Origin” mean? Some of cars are in Europe, Belgium Antwerp
  42. How do I get Original Paperwork and proof of payment in two days of end of auction?
  43. What does “not to be sold in the US” mean, and more importantly, why?
  44. Where do the titles come from?
  45. If a non-dealer purchases a vehicle with a ‘Peddle Non-Public Clean Title,’ will they receive a clean title?
  46. What does “Minnesota Peddle Non-Public Clean Title” mean, and is it recognized as a clean title in other states?
  47. FL purchase for parts only of a vehicle with certificate of destruction. Will this be a problem?
  48. I live in Lagos Nigeria, I am wondering if I successfully bid for a car and won, how am I going to get the car document after purchase?
  49. What does “WI CLEAR-IGNITE TBO” mean?
  50. Can a certificate from Ohio become a title if reconstruction is done?
  51. What does ‘FL Certificate of Destruction for Export Only. US Customers – Parts Only. No Title’ mean?
  52. Can I re-sell the car with the title reassignment paper? Where does the buyer sign?
  53. If I purchase a camper through you can I have the title put in somebody else’s name?
  54. NJ flood salvage can be registered in Florida?
  55. Can get a title if it says CO Salvage title?
  56. What does this means on vehicle titles. If buy this am i good to run/use vehicle on the roads and will be able to register it in DMV or not.
  57. Looking at a Traverse, says FL Rebuilt Title and Mileage not actual. Can this be titled in MD? What does that mean, mileage not actual?
  58. Can a salvage title be made into a clean title in Georgia after motorcycle is repaired?
  59. When I’m buying a car with out of state title, after you transfer the title to me is it considered as in-state title in my state?
  60. What does “Kills Vin” and “cannot be re registered in the US mean”?
  61. Can I register a vehicle in Florida with a “TX NON-REPAIRABLE FLOOD” title?
  62. On a motorcycle it say my be salvaged title upon being balt. The bike is from Georgia I live in TN . And the mileage says 123 exempt what is that?
  63. Must be rebuild in the state of NY, can it be shipped outside the US?
  64. On Certificate of Destruction titles that say “for Export Only,” does that refer to exporting out of the state it’s in or out of the country?
  65. What is salvage/rebuild in the title? Does this mean it was already a salvage before this wreck? Essentially salvaged twice?
  66. What does ‘VA Clear Non-Public’ mean?
  67. What is a Salvage Rebuildable title?
  68. What does “CA CLEAR – DEALER ONLY $178 DMV FEES” mean?
  69. If the title says “Texas Original” can it be register in the US?
  70. What it means: May Become Salvage Upon Ownership Transfer…?
  71. WA bill of sale, what good is it?
  72. Salvaged titles? Do y’all still send them even though they are bad?
  73. Can I register the car and drive it in the United States?
  74. If I buy a car on buy now and I go pick it up do I get the title when I pay or do I have to wait for it by mail?
  75. What does the Title Designation ‘DIS/DLR/EXP ONLY’ Indicate?
  76. I won a 2008 Corvette, but I still haven’t gotten the title for a car I bought
  77. What does this mean if the motorcycle has no title?
  78. I don’t have a driver license to fill out the paperwork! What I can do?
  79. What does the ‘TBO’ title mean, and is it only for dealers to bid on?
  80. What is NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System)?
  81. Will the title for the vehicle I won be reassigned to my personal or company name?
  82. What is “reconstructed title or rebuilt title”?
  83. Why did I receive a different type of title than the one described, specifically an equivalent title from a different state?
  84. When will I receive the title, and how will it be mailed to me?
  85. Can I have the title mailed to an address/name different from the address/name on my account?
  86. Does the name on the driver’s license have to match the account information?


  1. Where can I find the Watch List in my RideSafely account?
  2. Is the RideSafely Builder Showdown open to motorcycles?
  3. Why did the car I wanted leave the auction when there were 4 days left?
  4. How is it that a car which was sold at auction while I was watching is now back up for auction?
  5. Is the auction open to the public?
  6. Can I list a car in the auction?
  7. How can I participate in the auction?
  8. What does ‘Dealer Only’ in the title mean?
  9. I live in Illinois and would like to purchase from Austin, Texas. Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?
  10. Is this site for the public or for car dealer businesses?
  11. If I don’t win the bid, do you still charge me your fee?
  12. Can I see and test drive the motorhome before the auction. Can an employee start/test drive it for me?
  13. Do y’all except scrapers licences?
  14. Can we ever look at an item to be auctioned in person, and are all items salvage? Some don’t look in bad shape, are some just used up for auction
  15. How do I see RV’s to buy now only in California?
  16. I have a dealer license do i have to pay deposit to register?
  17. Do you negotiate on Buy Now cars?
  18. How to look for a vehicle near me?
  19. How can I known the cars sold and the price of sold?
  20. Do you guarantee estimated salvage pre-sale price?
  21. If I buy a new one should I pay taxes?
  22. During auction what does “Bonus Time” mean?
  23. I am from New Delhi, India, what is the complete procedure and documents required to purchase a car from your website?
  24. Can I purchase a vehicle that is in California as a California resident?
  25. What time zone are auctions held in?
  26. How do I know the price the car is going for?
  27. How many auction sites do you have and where are they located for pick up?
  28. Do I Need a Business License or Requirements?
  29. Can I buy cars with an IAA Account?
  30. Do you provide access to both IAA and Copart auctions? Does my registration fee provide access to both?
  31. What is maximum total sale price?
  32. Do i need to register to able to bid or buy a car?
  33. How can I find out how much a truck sold for at auction?
  34. How can I register my account from UK?
  35. Can I buy a salvage car using Stock or VIN number?
  36. What happens to a car if it does not sale in auction?
  37. If i bid and i don’t win then how much money am i out?
  38. Will Ridesafely buy cars from individuals or companies?
  39. What are the fees that I need to pay if I want to cancel the purchased item?
  40. Do your offer membership plans where members can make Live Bids?
  41. Can anyone bid if it says Dealer Only?
  42. I saw another Salvage Site that is required a dealer license to bid. Do you require this?
  43. Why you are not tell us about Sale Status (minimum, on approval, or pure sale) like Copart?
  44. If I bid $200 and it says $4000 Buy it Now but no one bids higher than my $200. Do I win the auction for that price?
  45. How long before I pick up my purchase?
  46. My church may buy dozens of cars from settlement, (volume limits?)
  47. After the 4 days of free storage what would the cost be per day after that at the Houston Texas auction yard?
  48. Like to find out if there is Car Auctions with Clean Titles in the New Orleans LA area?
  49. Where is exactly located that Fee Calculator, because I cannot see it on the page?
  50. Can I contact the seller for more detail information on the vehicle I’m inretested in buying?
  51. How can a bidder from Nigeria open an account and make deposit?
  52. Can i buy a car and cut it in half as parts just one cut?
  53. I want to know how genuine are u and how will I know that my money is secure, are you guys better than auction export
  54. Is there a past list of sold vehicles to find out what they sold for?
  55. What happens if I win a vehicle at the auction, but then change my mind and decide that I do not want it?
  56. How to delete a bid?
  57. Can i purchase without a licence? and how do i know what fees would be?
  58. Do i need a specific license to buy now or enter a bid on the auction ?
  59. Is this a public auction?
  60. How much it will cost to repair a hail damage at a Hyundai car? Can we pay this reparation at you or can you recommend somebody? My understanding is that I cannot registered a car with a salvage title for hail in MD (I am a student and just arrived here in US)
  61. Can I get an agent to assist me with bidding, purchasing and shipment to Nigeria?
  62. I want to buy a truck but do really understand how it works i know we can bid and also we can buy now but when bidding do i put a deposit down before i bid and if so do i get my deposit back if i don’t win bid?
  63. If I have created a “watchlist” of several vehicles that will all be auctioned “live” during the same time period; how do I know when each saved vehicle will come up for open live bidding and not miss bidding on any of the vehicles? Can I get the run numbers ahead of the actual start time?
  64. Inspection services? Other sites have them, Do you?
  65. Am trying set up an account but, am not sure what is the promotional code is or how it work?
  66. Do the auctions have no reserve?
  67. I’m not a dealer i just want to buy a vehicle from the auction
  68. How i can change my billing address?
  69. How do I cancel my bids / order?
  70. How are the fees calculated and what % are they?
  71. How to find cars nearby my area Jacksonville, Florida?
  72. Dismantler, rebuilder, exporter or scrapper; car is listed on iaai as this. I’m in Michigan and car is in Illinois can i purchase this car through you and have its salvage title put in my name?
  73. It won’t let me place my bids anywhere says contact customer service for further bidding instructions
  74. I was online to check the various cars you have in your garage and with bid prices, but to my surprise, i learnt all those prices are not real. why is it so?
  75. Why do some cars have Buy Now option and others don’t?
  76. Is this auction available to the public? Can I bid and purchase a vehicle, or do I need a license to bid?
  77. Do I have pay a tax when I buy a car from you?
  78. Is there an auction fee?
  79. Time allowed to pickup the vehicle?
  80. What is my confirmation code?
  81. I have an account and haven’t used it yet how do I activate and connect my paypal account to my ridesafely account?
  82. How do I set up an account on
  83. Do you offer a business membership to reduce the fee from $299?
  84. There’s a lot of online fraud, so can you tell me how secure RideSafely is?
  85. How do I change my name on my account?


  1. What happens if I win a bid and don’t make the payment on time?
  2. Why do I have to pay for a bid while the bidding process is ongoing?
  3. If you don’t win the bid on the car you were interested in, do you get the deposit, $299 service fee, and $150 documentation fee refunded?
  4. How do you pay for shipping?
  5. Is the final bill and shipping quote combined on the receipt?
  6. How do we pay the security deposit?
  7. Do I need to pay sales tax if the item is being shipped outside of America?
  8. Can I use my corporate resale tax certificate during the payment process to qualify for a tax exemption?
  9. Do you accept a form of payment by credit card?
  10. How can I claim back my deposit if I decide to stop using the auction?
  11. Do you accept monthly payments?
  12. I need full bank account details for international transactions. How can I obtain them?
  13. If I win the bidding, do I have to pay the buy it now price?
  14. If you submit a security deposit and lose a bid, can you use the same deposit to bid on another vehicle?
  15. To whom do you submit the wire transfer?
  16. How much are the insurance auction fees?
  17. Do you accept a farm credit for a down payment and final payment?
  18. Do you accept American Express credit cards?
  19. Are there auction fees when using ‘Buy Now’?
  20. Do you accept e-checks if I am a business owner?
  21. So the $600 hold goes on top of the bet I want to place plus the fees?
  22. Is what I bid the only amount I will owe if my bid wins?
  23. Does the Security Deposit count toward the purchase?
  24. If the car is in New Jersey if I win can I come and pick it up and what is the fees of the auction?
  25. If participating in auctions does it cost anything?
  26. Does buy it now include all the fees or are they added to that price?
  27. Are there any other fees involved other than the flat rate fee for over $1,000 vehicles?
  28. Where do I pay one time bidding and how much is it?
  29. If I make a deposit and someone outbids me how and when would I get my deposit back?
  30. Why do I have to pay an Auction Fee and RideSafely fee?
  31. Forms of payment do you accept payment with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?
  32. It’s been a while, and I’ve forgotten all the fees. What are all the fees for an item priced at $300.00, $500.00, and $700.00?
  33. What are the Copart fees if I win a bid thru RideSafely?
  34. What’s happens if i don’t buy a car what happens to my money?
  35. Is there a preauthorization hold for every time I bid?
  36. I was told to pay 400 dollars for the car. What if I don’t win a bid. How do I get my money back?
  37. Do you accept debit or Visa cards?
  38. When you make a bid and you make a deposit do you get your refund back if you do not get the car?
  39. If I win bid, how long do I have to pay the remaining balance?
  40. What costs are associated with winning an auctioned vehicle, beside actual bid?
  41. Where do I send money order?
  42. Can I pay full amount with my debit card if I win an auction?
  43. Are all fees included in the ‘Buy it Now’ price?
  44. Why do I have to submit a credit card to increase a bid on a car I already bid on?
  45. Can one have an account in RideSafely where I can put my money and paid for the vehicle won from the auction
  46. Can I pay for the hold with my debit card or via PayPal as my credit card isn’t working?
  47. Can a person use a prepaid card for deposit?
  48. I am an international customer, can I send the estimated total payment for the proposed vehicle inclusive of the security deposit and fees before I actually buy the vehicle in the case of buy now?
  49. Deposit – how does it work when I am not the auction winner? Is it refundable back to credit card account in full amount?
  50. After I send my wire transfer, how do I confirm it was received?
  51. Can I make my final payment with credit card and secondly do you finance?
  52. Can I take a cashier’s check to Chase bank for full payment
  53. After my purchase do i need to pay any fee such as Auction fee?
  54. Where do I go to pay cash for my vehicle?
  55. I bid on a truck, how do I give the deposit just in case I win the bid?
  56. RideSafely is Requiring a $600 bid deposit. Do I get this back if I do not win the auction, or I just want it returned?
  57. If I’m in California and get a car from Texas, can I pay cash in California location?
  58. How does a person who doesn’t live in the USA make payment for car. Do you accept Visa or Master cards?
  59. Why can’t I use my debit card to pay the required deposit?
  60. When winning an auction can you finance or do payments on how much is owed?
  61. If I win a bid with $200 do I get balance on $400 I used for the bid?
  62. Can I have my deposit refunded before the 5 days?
  63. If I bid on a vehicle and do not win, does the $600 deposit refundable? Are there any charges per bid ie: Do you charge an amount each time I bid even if I don’t win the vehicle
  64. How do I get a Wire Transfer refund?
  65. Do you accept debit cards? Does the deposit process for a debit work the same as a credit card?
  66. Will my bidding deposit be placed on another vehicle if did not win, or it will be refunded?
  67. Will my deposit be taken off my final pill if I buy something or will the deposit be put back into my bank account?
  68. Credit Card Hold FAQ
  69. Wire transfer instructions?
  70. How to make the payment from Nigeria and ship it?
  71. How will I be able to pay from Ghana?
  72. If I make a deposit on a vehicle and lose the bid, what happens to my deposit?
  73. What are the methods of payment to be able to make an offer at auction?
  74. If I bid on a car and I don’t win the final bid will my card still be charged the deposit?
  75. How soon does one need to pay the seller once the bidding process has been completed?
  76. If we have a deposit and don’t buy can we get the money back?
  77. Are debit cards accepted for ‘Buy Now’ automobile purchases?
  78. Auto Auction Fees can be waived?
  79. Can I use my personal paypal account for auction for buy car?
  80. Do you have a flat fee or a percentage, and if it is a percentage of purchase price, what is it?
  81. I am from Nigeria, how can I make any payment to you by Naira
  82. Can I pay through my PayPal account?
  83. How to make a payment, I am from the UAE
  84. When is the maximum date to pay when you win bidding on car?
  85. Should I pay via Mastercard or Paypal, if I am a first time Buyer?
  86. Why there are no refund option in my account?
  87. I can’t request a refund even though I didn’t win the car, and it has been more than three days since the auction for the item ended. What should I do?
  88. Do deposits made for bidding get refunded or are they put towards the total bill?
  89. Is it anybody can pay for my vehicle purchase in USA?
  90. Do you accept cash?
  91. How much is the security deposit?
  92. When will I receive my refund?
  93. I submitted payment in currency other than US Dollars. What currency will my refund be remitted?
  94. Security Deposit Refunds
  95. I sent in a full payment for the vehicle purchased for me by the licensed dealer, but my invoice with RideSafely still has an outstanding balance. Why?
  96. How do I pay for the car?
  97. Do you accept loan checks for the cars from your “Clean Vehicles” section?
  98. If I purchased the car in Canada, what taxes and fees am I responsible for?
  99. How much does your service cost?
  100. What is the RideSafely fee?
  101. I wired the full amount, but my invoice shows a lesser amount received. Why?
  102. Do you accept credit cards?


  1. Why would my bid be outbid after the close of bidding?
  2. How long does the seller have to reject a bid?
  3. Can I buy a vehicle outside of the auction for a ‘Buy It Now’ price, or do I have to bid?
  4. How do I retract a bid?
  5. How does your process work, if I see a car that is being sold by Copart, can I bid on the car during Copart’s live auction?
  6. How do I find out if a car has a reserve?
  7. Why would a bid be rejected in a car auction?
  8. How long does each live auction last?
  9. Is this a true proxy bid system or do I have to keep hitting the bid button once the vehicle is up live?
  10. Can I bid beyond my desired bid limit as the auction is in progress?
  11. Does the highest bidder win?
  12. Number of bids at one time allowed?
  13. Does the highest bidder always get the car or is up to a seller or is there a minimum bid?
  14. How long do I have to wait to find out if I bought the car?
  15. How does proxy bidding work?
  16. How to buy vehicle after bid how to take part in live auction?
  17. Do you notify by email if final bid is accepted?
  18. If I bid a price of 100$ and no one else bids do I get it for 100 or does it have to get owed from seller?
  19. How long do live auctions last?
  20. If a car doesn’t sell in auction can you still buy it?
  21. What is a non-public title? Assume I cannot bid unless I have a dealer license?
  22. What happens when a vehicle does not receive a bid?
  23. What is the process once I win the bid?
  24. How long do I have to make final bid if I winning bid?
  25. If I purchase a Buy Now vehicle that cannot be registered in the US, how long before I can go pick it up after I purchase it and what are all the fees and taxes associated with the $700 Dodge ram?
  26. How do I start getting ready to bid?
  27. How can I watch a live auction?
  28. Does the customer bid or the affiliated dealer?
  29. How can i know that i am the highest bidder?
  30. Once the auction starts how long till it closes, how long do I need before I know if I won the bid or not?
  31. Do all cars have a hidden reserve? Given that it’s not an absolute auction, I might be the highest bidder and still not win.
  32. Diff between Bid and Buy now. If there’s a buy it now price does a high bid win even if it doesn’t meet the buy it now price. In other words, is there a reserve price.
  33. If I bid on a vehicle on auction then found one on this same auction site with a buy it now price I would rather have can I cancel the bid to buy the other one?
  34. When is the auction after preliminary bidding has closed?
  35. Current Bid: PRELIMINARY BID does it sell for this amount or does it come back for another auction?
  36. What is the meaning of Sold on Approval?
  37. How long does registration take before I can bid on an auction, and can I register with RideSafely on Monday and bid the same or next day?
  38. Why does every auction I want to bid in asks me to contact customer service?
  39. How long will it take for my bid to be approved?
  40. Does bidding work like Ebay? Meaning, if I bid my max amount initially it will only increment the bid to the amount necessary to hold the winning bid, or does the full amount of my bid become the highest bid?
  41. How it works Bidding on multiple items at the same time?
  42. Where does one go to view/listen/watch/observe/partake of the live auction?
  43. Buy it now auctions. Does the highest bidder get the car or is the buy it now price the lowest you accept?
  44. Do I need auction account in order to buy a Buy Now vehicle ?
  45. How to qualify to bid and purchase?
  46. If i choose to purchase a Buy Now vehicle do i still have to pay a auction fee? What are all the relevant fees when purchasing a buy now vehicle?
  47. I was notified my bid was not approved. I was the highest bidder, why did I not get the car?
  48. I was notified I had the high bid on a vehicle which is now on “Awaiting Results”. Can you tell me how long it will be before I can proceed with the purchase?
  49. I was going to buy an 07 dodge charger that was listed “Buy it Now” for $425. Now it says its up for bid. May I still purchase the vehicle for that price?
  50. How can i bid on an auction that already started?
  51. How do I know when the live auction starts?
  52. I placed a bidding limit on a vehicle. Is this hold going to be released at the end of the auction for the particular car or it will be held for other possible cars?
  53. I put in that I wanted a bid limit of $400 and covered that would my card. When I looked back on the site it said my bid limit was $4000. I not sure how it works but I do not want to pay $4000 for a truck work only $400 to me.
  54. Can I attend and bid during the live auction?
  55. Reserve – how do i know if vehicle has a reserve price?
  56. How soon after a deposits made can I bid?
  57. I just placed a BID on a live Auction. I was supposed to be the winner (Your site said “Your BID” with green – that means my bid was the first one). However, when the auction completed with my last price, I did not win the car. Can you please explain why?
  58. How long after online bidding ends does total bidding end and award of truk to bidder occurs?
  59. How to bid on Multiple items?
  60. How to bid on Live Broadcasts option?
  61. Can I participate in the auction without a preliminary bid?
  62. If i have the highest bid at the end and there’s no live bidding, do i automatically win?
  63. Preliminary bid and closed bid is the last price on bidding or is there more bidding?
  64. Does “Buy Now Price” means the vehicle is all mine if i can pay for it?
  65. charges a flat fee of $299 for all vehicles over $1,000. QUESTION: Is there a fee for vehicles under $1000?
  66. If storage fees are incurred, how do those fees get paid?
  67. What extra fees do you pay for a “Buy Now” vehicle?
  68. Can you bid under the Buy it Now price? and win the Auction?
  69. How long after pre-bidding ends does the actual auction take place?
  70. What percentage does ridesafely charge above the BUY NOW price listed?
  71. Do you need a dealership license to buy cars with you guys? What are the total fees for using your service?
  72. Do I have to be an IAAI member for you to bid on a vehicle for me?
  73. Does winning a bid on this site mean I’ve actually won the vehicle, or do you take our highest bid to the auction to “see” if it wins?
  74. How do i know which car I’m bidding on will sale for the auction price and not have a reserve on it?
  75. Can you retract a bid?
  76. Can an Auction be cancelled if the Final Bid is low?
  77. Do the cars have a reserve bid?
  78. How to increase Bid amount available?
  79. I have a question on “Dealer Only” Sales. Can RideSafely purchase a vehicle with a dealer only listing?
  80. What does “Cannot bid on item due to licensing restrictions” mean exactly?
  81. Is it possible to bid on all (BUY NOW) vehicles?
  82. Does my bid limit include fees.. or can they be added after lot is won?
  83. What happens to my deposit if i can’t make highest bid?
  84. If vehicle is Sold at Less than my Higher Bid do I pay the Lower amount?
  85. How do I purchase a Buy Now Vehicle at an Auction?
  86. How do I Place Bids Online at an Auction?
  87. I want to know if this price including all fee, or I have to pay any extra fee?
  88. How do I know if I won the bid?
  89. Bidding limit – How do I establish it?
  90. Do I need to form a company to buy vehicles on RideSafely?
  91. Due to licensing restrictions – you cannot bid on this vehicle: Why?
  92. How does the ‘Buy Now’ option for vehicles work?
  93. How to increase my bidding limit on a particular vehicle?
  94. What happens to deposit when no bids were won on that day?
  95. I don’t see any purchase in my account while I was the last & the highest bidder?
  96. I was trying to bid on a car but it say I have to contact customer service why please?
  97. What is Preliminary Bidding? Auction Types
  98. How long does it take to get the results to a auction?
  99. Can you place a bid at the Dallas IAAI auction for me?
  100. I want to increase bidding limit, What steps are involved?
  101. What is an auction pre-bid price?
  102. Why does it say my bid limit is 0?
  103. Do I have to be dealer in order to buy car from this auction?
  104. When will I be notified of the results from the Insurance Auction?
  105. Why did I receive notice after RideSafely’s bidding ended that my bid is no longer the highest?
  106. How does RideSafely’s process work for Copart, IAA, and other auctions?
  107. Why was the RideSafely bidding deadline extended?
  108. RideSafely’s bidding has ended. Is my bid the highest?
  109. Can I visit your facility and purchase a vehicle directly on-site?
  110. Can I purchase an item from an Insurance Auction directly without submitting an offer?
  111. What does the bid amount include?
  112. Do I have to agree to the terms of the Deposit Agreement and Purchase Order Agreement prior to submitting my offer?


  1. If the vehicle, transport, and all fees have been paid, and the paperwork is complete, but transport did not pick up the vehicle by the due date, is the vehicle considered abandoned and will it be resold?
  2. How long do I have to pick up the item after the auction closes?
  3. Do I have to have items shipped or can I pick them up?
  4. Can I register the vehicle under a different name if I am shipping it overseas?
  5. Can motorcycles be shipped to New Zealand in crates?
  6. Do you load boats without a trailer onto a trailer?
  7. When I buy the car and want to pick it up, what documentation or requirements do I need to provide?
  8. How do I know where to pick up the car?
  9. If I purchase a car at an auction and book a shipment through HaulMatch, who is responsible for the late fee if the car isn’t picked up within 4 days?
  10. Is a car insured if it is damaged during shipping?
  11. Must a vehicle be transported by someone or can I pick it up myself?
  12. Can you ship my car to me in Ghana after purchasing?
  13. What paperwork will I need to have with me when I pick up the vehicle?
  14. What does “Attention: This is an offsite sale. Pickup location may differ from the auction location” mean?
  15. Are there any fee due to the pickup location?
  16. Can I arrange for pickup/shipping by myself after winning at the auctions?
  17. Do you have to have it shipped or can we pick it up?
  18. Do I have to pick up the car personally in the USA?
  19. Will RideSafely handle shipping arrangements if I ask?
  20. Can I ship a salvage vehicle directly to Africa or just the way I bought it without reconstruction?
  21. If you win a Bid and pay for the transport and they don’t pick the car up until after 4 days, will i be charge for the days over when I have no control? and how often do that happen, late pick?
  22. I am in Ghana. Is it possible to arrange for to pick a vehicle and ship to me after purchase?
  23. Can a storage fee be incurred with you even after I might have commissioned haulmatch to do the shipment
  24. If I purchased a car in Texas, can my friend pick up the car and do the shipping on my behalf?
  25. What do i need to do to get the full documents to ship the car by Haulmatch?
  26. How much time to pick before charging storage fees?
  27. What time can I pick up my vehicle?
  28. Does the amount quoted for a vehicle by the ‘Shipping Calculator’ when considering the cost of transportation outside of USA to another country include the vehicle cost?
  29. If I live in CA who do I contact to see where the vehicle gets shipped to for pick up?
  30. How the motorcycle shipment to Dubai, who will arrange to pick from yard and send to ship?
  31. After I win a car, I’d like to go and pick it up myself. Do I get a temporary license plate?
  32. Can I buy an auction car and have it shipped overseas without visiting the yard oversea Or I must have a representative there to sign papers and sort out the shipping
  33. Can I buy car online and you export me to United Arab Emirates. How much you will charge for exportation?
  34. Is there any way to know how quickly the transport company you list here will be able to pick up my purchase. I live in Michigan and am afraid no truck would be interested
  35. If I win a bid and during the shipment I decide not use a container but rather go in for ro ro how do I change the shipment process?
  36. What does Self-Load unit mean?
  37. After winning a bid, how can I arrange for the car to be shipped to my country, Ghana?
  38. I’m from Oman country i check list of countries in HaulMatch company but my country not there… just i want know if there other company can ship car to my country?
  39. If a vehicle does not come with a title can it be shipped to the Bahamas?
  40. I am from Afghanistan, if I will win the bid can I use any United States address for the shipping my vehicle?
  41. Is there a time limit to pick up the vehicle?
  42. What is meant by an Oversized Item Incurring Unusual Transportation Cost?
  43. How many business days to pickup a vehicle?
  44. Shipping fees are different from auction fees?
  45. I want to buy used car and ship to Ethiopia through port Djibouti, so would you help me the way please?
  46. I want to buy a car, if I bought it how to ship a car to Iraq?
  47. Please provide shipping prices from USA to Oman?
  48. How to ship or export car to El Salvador?
  49. Can I tow a RV with salvage title?
  50. How many days of free storage do I have?
  51. How a car can be shipped to Nigeria & does it have extra charges?
  52. I need to know the location of the vehicle so I can pick it up?
  53. How much does it cost to ship a car?
  54. When can I pick up the vehicle?
  55. What documentation is required to pick up a vehicle?


  1. Can the extent of the vehicle’s damage be clarified?
  2. Which vehicles are guaranteed not to be salvage when registering them?
  3. Can a salvage SUV be repaired and registered?
  4. What mechanical problems might be present in a car that is up for bid?
  5. How can I find cars being auctioned near me in Texas?
  6. Can I preview vehicles in person?
  7. What does ‘Not specified – Vehicle Authentication’ mean?
  8. If a car is listed with mechanical damage, why don’t they specify what the mechanical damage is? They should know what it is if they’re listing it as such.
  9. Is there a service for an Inspection by 3rd party prior to live auction?
  10. Do salvage cars have to have a reconstruction inspection?
  11. If a vehicle is listed as clear title can it be driven if it is listed as it runs and drives?
  12. What happens if there is damage to the car when I pick it up that wasn’t in the pictures, i.e., the pictures clearly show it wasn’t there?
  13. What does MD SALVAGE – GREATER THAN 75% REPAIRABLE mean can I go ahead and bid for this cat?
  14. Can mechanical damage be related to engine issue?
  15. Can I purchase a vehicle in my own state?
  16. Are all vehicles salvage at these auctions?
  17. What does Biohazard/Chemical/Environment mean on a car auction?
  18. How does someone find out if a motorcycle has a salvage title?
  19. If I win a bid on buy now and it’s another state can I go get the vehicle and drive it back to my home state?
  20. What does the term “stationary” mean under vehicle auction verification?
  21. How do I get someone to look at the damage for me?
  22. In the “Auction Verification” column, what does “Not Specified” mean?
  23. Can I drive a clean designated vehicle home from its storage location?
  24. Can a salvage vehicle be repaired and get a title?
  25. Can a salvage vehicle be repaired and put back on the road?
  26. What does it mean when car says 38,000 miles then after it says NOT ACTUAL?
  27. The motorcycle has water flood damage, but are they working properly or I’ll have to fix it up?
  28. What does it mean CT CLEAR UNKSLVG HISTORY?
  29. Salvage title due to theft and biohazard—is it possible to find out details of the damage and whether someone died?
  30. What does “MD Salvage greater than 75%” mean?
  31. Definition of Mechanical Damage and what it covers?
  32. Can I drive a vehicle home if it is listed as a repossessed vehicle?
  33. How do buyers inspect vehicles?
  34. How can we find out why a vehicle has a Salvage Title?
  35. What do “Damage Type: Repossession” and “Loss Type: Other” mean in a vehicle’s description?
  36. Non Repairable/Kills. What’s that about?
  37. How can I be sure if a car runs and drives?
  38. Are the vehicles on this website that only have a dent/scratch going for $1,000 or $2,000 dollars really in good condition to purchase? Clean title included?
  39. Is there a way that I can get a list of vehicles up for auction close to me? I live in Southeast Missouri.
  40. Do I have to put a deposit on a Buy It Now vehicle?
  41. Biohazard – Would these vehicles have a standard salvage title?
  42. Engine starts, does this mean the car starts but cannot drive?
  43. I live in Angola, I would like to know if you guys a have service that can assist inspecting the Car on behalf of the buyer before the car can be actually paid.
  44. Is there a way to get a description of the options on the vehicle?
  45. When i buy a car that says “Damage type: Water Flood”, does it mean that i can not fix it? Do most of the customers that get those kind of cars are able to fix them or they just use them for Parts?
  46. How to find a IAAI vehicle on your website? IE. converting their number to yours?
  47. I need fuel: petrol engine type. What does gasoline engine mean?
  48. How can I bid on Insurance company cars only. I don’t want to buy a car that someone bought from the insurance company and then re-sells it at auction.
  49. What does it mean “Nevada Salvage Title”?
  50. What does it means Auction Verification – “not specified”?
  51. Understanding Salvage Titles: A Comprehensive Overview
  52. How can I find out which options are on a vehicle? Will a CarFax give me that info?
  53. Can I pick up the clean title car and go driving?
  54. How can I inspect the vehicle before i bid it?
  55. Due to licensing restrictions you cannot bid on this item – Why?
  56. Sometimes I find prices like 1000 usd in green what it mean?
  57. Can I inspect the vehicle?
  58. What does it mean “Not actual miles”? Do I need additional paperwork?
  59. Where to inspect car in Albany NY?
  60. What does it mean “Certificate of Destruction”?
  61. Do you not carry all IAAI auctions?
  62. How do you find out what cars have sold for in the past?
  63. Can I see the Motorhome at an Auction before bidding on it?
  64. I can’t buy in Texas motorcycle riding, what can I do?
  65. Can a salvaged car be fixed before shipping? If yes, what are the procedures for that?
  66. How can I see the extent of damage that was repaired?
  67. What does it mean the damage type Water/Flood?
  68. What does Biohazard mean in car auctions?
  69. Where are the vehicle listings for the Mountain States?
  70. Can you notify me when a particular item becomes available?
  71. Can I drive a salvage vehicle home?
  72. I received my vehicle from the shipping company and there is more damage than displayed in the original pictures. What can I do?
  73. What does ‘Auction Verification’ mean, specifically ‘Runs & Drives’ or ‘Engine Start’?
  74. What is the Reconstruction process?
  75. Can you tell me how much it would cost to repair a vehicle?
  76. I received my vehicle and discovered additional damages, including undercarriage issues and other latent defects not visible in the pictures. What are my options?
  77. Why is the posted VIN number incomplete?
  78. Does the vehicle start?
  79. What damages are listed for an item in an Insurance Auction if there is no damage report?
  80. How did the damage occur? How long has the vehicle been in its condition? Have any repairs been done?
  81. Are loose parts displayed in the pictures included in the sale?

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