If I purchase a Buy Now vehicle that cannot be registered in the US, how long before I can go pick it up after I purchase it and what are all the fees and taxes associated with the $700 Dodge ram?

With regard to doing a Buy Now on our website, you would need to follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the  Buy Now  button on the vehicle page, which will open up the Buy Now menu.
  2. Click on the  Buy Now  button again, which will disclose all of the associated fees with the purchase.
  3. Click on the  Confirm  button, which means that you are confirming to the total price displayed and the terms of the Purchase Agreement and Deposit Agreement
  4. Leave a credit card deposit equal to US$600 or 10% of the Buy Now price (whichever is greater, though the system already prompts you to leave the appropriate deposit), which will start the purchase process
  5. Someone from our Customer Service team will contact you to go over the Buy Now process.

Important things to note:

  • Going through the Buy Now process on our website only reserves the vehicle for you on OUR WEBSITE ONLY.
  • Payment of the outstanding balance for the vehicle must be received in order for us to buy out the vehicle from the auction.
  • Until we pay for the vehicle at the auction, any dealer can purchase it from the auction.
  • The sooner we receive payment, the more likely we are to purchase it on your behalf.
  • If we receive payment AFTER the vehicle had sold at the auction, then we will credit your account for the entire amount received for either refund or future use.
  • Certain auctions only provide for 1 business day to pick-up the vehicle after a Buy Now purchase before charging storage fees, so be prepared to pick it up right away – most auction are NOT open on Saturday and Sunday.
  • If we are too late to purchase the item, please advise if you wish for us to bid up to the Buy Now amount to try to get the vehicle for you.

Once the item is paid for we can pay the auction and disclose the pick up location.

If you can provide me with the inventory number and your email address. I can give you a breakdown of the fees.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (215) 289-0300.

RideSafelyThank you,
Team RideSafely.com

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