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The Best Times To Buy Used Cars At An Auction

When buying a car from an auction, many people are focused on how to get the best deal. People research multiple car dealerships, speak to private sellers and make the most of incentives and discounts, all so that they can buy a great car with the least amount of money.

However, do you know that you can save money if you know when to buy a car?

Like everything else, there is also a season for buying a used car. Although taking advantage of online car auctions is a great way to make a good deal any time of the year, there are some times when you are more likely to succeed even further. Take a look at when it is best to buy a car from an auction — and when it isn’t.

Weekends/ Midweek

    Saturdays and Sundays are the days when many car auctions and dealerships hold special sales events. Auto dealership personnel know their potential customers are not at work and are ready to shop. On Mondays, dealers tend to follow up on business from the weekend. However, the middle of the week, that is Tuesdays and Wednesdays, are the slowest days of the week for most auto dealers. Their customers are at work and there are hardly any walk-ins. Sometimes a salesperson will make you a great deal on these days just to make a car sale.

Last Day of the Month

    The best days to shop for a used car is at the end of the month and the very best day is the last day the dealership is open for the month. That’s because salespeople put in extra efforts in these last few days to meet their sales goals and sell enough cars. To that end, they might be open to more negotiation than they would at any other time of the month. If you go at this time, chances are you can buy a used car for a steal and at the same time do your good deed for the day by making a person reach his sales goal.

The Holiday Season

    The pre-Christmas season is one of the best times for buying a car at an auction. During this time, people are thinking of ways to get a little extra cash to do their Christmas shopping. Those who have an unwanted car or truck are most likely to sell them off to an auction. As a result, many used car auctions are flushed with inventory in late November and early-to-mid December. For potential car customers, this is a great time to buy a vehicle as they can expect more variety in terms of car make, model and even money. This is an ideal time to buy a used car and a smart buyer should do some research to find the car that best fits their need.

At the End of the Day

    Some people believe that if they want to get a car at a cheap price, they should go at the time when the dealership is about to close down for the day. The reason behind it is that the salesperson will be in a hurry to go home and will be more amenable to negotiations so that they could quickly wrap up the deal. In fact the opposite is true. When you go to a car auction or a dealership at this time, the salesperson is likely to think that you desperately need that particular car and will not be open to much bargaining.

During the Rain

    Another myth is that a salesperson will be desperate to make a quick deal if it is raining. This myth is also not true and most times salespersons will think that you really want that car, since you approached the dealership during such terrible weather. As a result, you may not get the car for the money you expected.

Tax Refund Season

    Between the months of February and June, when people receive their federal tax refunds, there are a lot of potential customers whose pockets are swollen with money. Many of them are on the lookout for a good deal on a used car. In tandem with the rising demand, car prices generally increase during this season.  However, when people have more money, they are likely to throw caution to the winds and bid higher. As a result, they can end up paying much more for a car than they initially expected.

Always, keep a budget in mind when buying a used car and be aware of the true worth of the car. That way, you can avoid being swept up in the bidding excitement.


    When looking for a used car with a good price tag, as always, knowledge is paramount. Research the kind of make and model you have in mind and don’t be afraid of negotiating with the salesperson. Some people, including car salespersons believe that time can affect car prices. However, it is not written in stone and mostly depends on where you have decided to buy a car from.

Don’t let that faze you. If you have done your research right, you will come out holding the better part of the deal.

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