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What Types of Salvage Recreational Vehicles Can You Buy at Online Salvage Auctions?

Virtually any type of travel vehicle ranging in size from tiny to colossal can be found when perusing recreational vehicle listings. Recreational vehicles fall into two broad categories: motorhomes and trailers.


Motorhomes are salvage recreational vehicles that are grafted onto a vehicle chassis and have an integrated drive system and cab. They can resemble buses, vans, or large trucks with a living space attached. There are three general classification of motorhomes:

Class A

class aClass A motorhomes are vehicles that have a large, completely integrated living space. This means that the body is completely solid and the driving area is seamlessly built in with the living space. They often resemble a bus, with a flat front end and an enormous window for substantial visibility. Often they are either built using a bus chassis or converted from an existing passenger bus. These motorhomes are amongst the largest and most luxurious recreational vehicles available. Most have sliding panels that can expand the living space while the vehicle is parked. With the amount of customization and quality materials available, some class A motorhomes can even resemble a tiny version of an opulent mansion.

Class B

class bClass B RVs are usually made from a converted van body with added height, but some are made from trucks. These types of campers are colloquially called “Campervans” and usually resemble the van they were altered from. They have a higher degree of mobility than longer RVs. Most sleep two people, but larger class B RVs with an alcove and amenities such as a bathroom or refrigerator are possible.

Class C

class cA class C motorhome is constructed using a cab from a large truck or freightliner with a travel-trailer style body mounted onto a long hauling chassis. This type of RV usually has an alcove above the driving cab with room for one or two extra sleepers. Many also have sliding panels, a convertible sleeper sofa, and a separate bathroom area. A separate living area with a larger bed is also common.

These salvage recreational vehicles are popular for people who accommodate a lot of people while camping as they can comfortably sleep four to six people in the average-sized models and up to ten in the larger sizes.

Trailer Salvage Recreational Vehicles

The other broad category of RVs do not have engines or driving systems, and thus must be hauled behind a vehicle. They have an enormous range of sizes and can be parceled into different types.

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Travel Trailer

travel trailerA travel trailer usually refers to RVs with two axles or larger one-axle trailers.

This vehicle can be pulled behind any vehicle with a standard trailer hitch and enough horsepower. Some have amenities such as a toilet or refrigerator, but they usually designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible.


fifth wheelA fifth-wheel is an extremely large trailer mounted in the bed of a truck, and are the closest trailer equivalent to a class A motorhome, often having similar amenities.

Special fifth-wheel trailers with a garage area are sometimes called “toy haulers.” They have enough room for a small vehicle, motorcycles, or personal crafts such as jet skis and ATVs.


travel trailer popupA pop-up is a compact and lightweight trailer than can be expanded while stationary. Has soft sides as opposed to rigid ones.

A salvage recreational vehicle purchased at an online auction is a great way to go if you are trying to find the right option for your family’s camping needs, especially on a budget.

Keep your family size in mind when you are planning your purchase, and enjoy your RV for years to come. View RideSafely salvage recreational vehicles inventory here.

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