Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. If I make a deposit on a vehicle and lose the bid, what happens to my deposit?
  2. What are the methods of payment to be able to make an offer at auction?
  3. If I bid on a car and I don’t win the final bid will my card still be charged the deposit?
  4. How soon does one need to pay the seller once the bidding process has been completed?
  5. If we have a deposit and don’t buy can we get the money back?
  6. Are debit cards allowed to purchase Buy Now automobiles?
  7. Auto Auction Fees can be waived?
  8. Can I use my personal paypal account for auction for buy car?
  9. Do you have a flat fee or a percentage, and if it is a percentage of purchase price, what is it?
  10. I am from Nigeria, how can I make any payment to you by Naira
  11. Can I pay through my PayPal account?
  12. How to make a payment, I am from the UAE
  13. When is the maximum date to pay when you win bidding on car?
  14. Should I pay via Mastercard or Paypal, if I am a first time Buyer?
  15. Why there are no refund option in my account?
  16. Do deposited to bid get refunded or put towards total bill?
  17. Is it anybody can pay for my vehicle purchase in USA?
  18. Do you accept cash?
  19. How much is the security deposit?
  20. When will I receive my refund?
  21. I submitted payment in currency other than US Dollars. What currency will my refund be remitted?
  22. Security Deposit Refunds
  23. I sent in a full payment for the vehicle purchased for me by the licensed dealer, but my invoice with RideSafely still has an outstanding balance. Why?
  24. How do I pay for the car?
  25. Do you accept loan checks for the cars from your “Clean Vehicles” section?
  26. If I purchased the car in Canada, what taxes and fees am I responsible for?
  27. How much does your service cost?
  28. What is the RideSafely Auction fee?
  29. I sent in the wire for the full amount, but my invoice reflects you having received a lesser amount. Why?
  30. Do you accept credit cards?


  1. Can an Auction be cancelled if the Final Bid is low?
  2. Do the cars have a reserve bid?
  3. How to increase Bid amount available?
  4. I have a question on “Dealer Only” Sales. Can RideSafely purchase a vehicle with a dealer only listing?
  5. What does “Cannot bid on item due to licensing restrictions” mean exactly?
  6. Is it possible to bid on all (BUY NOW) vehicles?
  7. Does my bid limit include fees.. or can they be added after lot is won?
  8. What happens to my deposit if i can’t make highest bid?
  9. If vehicle is Sold at Less than my Higher Bid do I pay the Lower amount?
  10. How do I purchase a Buy Now Vehicle at an Auction?
  11. How do I Place Bids Online at an Auction?
  12. I want to know if this price including all fee, or I have to pay any extra fee?
  13. How do I know if I won the bid?
  14. Bidding limit – How do I establish it?
  15. Do I need to form a company to buy vehicles on RideSafely?
  16. Due to licensing restrictions – you cannot bid on this vehicle: Why?
  17. How to increase my bidding limit on a particular vehicle?
  18. What happens to deposit when no bids were won on that day?
  19. I don’t see any purchase in my account while I was the last & the highest bidder?
  20. I was trying to bid on a car but it say I have to contact customer service why please?
  21. What is Preliminary Bidding? Auction Types
  22. How long does it take to get the results to a auction?
  23. Can you place a bid at the Dallas IAAI auction for me?
  24. I want to increase bidding limit, What steps are involved?
  25. What does TBO means and is this only for dealer to bid?
  26. What is an auction pre-bid price?
  27. Why does it say my bid limit is 0?
  28. Do I have to be dealer in order to buy car from this auction?
  29. When will I be notified of the results from the Insurance Auction?
  30. Why did I receive notice after RideSafely’s bidding ended that my bid is no longer the highest?
  31. How does RideSafely Services – Copart Auction, IAAI work?
  32. Why was the RideSafely bidding deadline extended?
  33. RideSafely’s bidding has ended. Is my bid the highest?
  34. Can I visit your location and buy a vehicle on the spot?
  35. Can I buy an Insurance Auction item right away, without sending an offer?
  36. Can you notify me when a particular item becomes available?
  37. What does the bid amount include?
  38. Do I have to agree to the terms of the Deposit Agreement and Purchase Order Agreement prior to submitting my offer?


  1. Can I inspect the vehicle?
  2. What does it mean “Not actual miles”? Do I need additional paperwork?
  3. Where to inspect car in Albany NY?
  4. What does it mean “Certificate of Destruction”?
  5. Do you not carry all IAAI auctions?
  6. How do you find out what cars have sold for in the past?
  7. Can I see the Motorhome at an Auction before bidding on it?
  8. I can’t buy in Texas motorcycle riding, what can I do?
  9. Can a salvaged car be fixed before shipping? If yes, what are the procedures for that?
  10. How can I see the extent of damage that was repaired?
  11. What does Title: DIS/DLR/EXP ONLY mean?
  12. What does it mean the damage type Water/Flood?
  13. How it works “Buy Now Vehicle” option?
  14. What does Biohazard mean on a car auctions?
  15. Where are the vehicle listings for the Mountain States?
  16. I received my vehicle from the shipping company and there is more damage than displayed in the original pictures. What can I do?
  17. What does Auction Verification: Runs & Drives, or Engine Start mean?
  18. What is the Reconstruction process?
  19. Can you tell me how much it would cost to repair a vehicle?
  20. I received my vehicle and there are additional damages, undercarriage and other latent defects not visible in the pictures. What can I do?
  21. Why is the posted VIN number incomplete?
  22. Does the vehicle start?
  23. There is no damage report listed. What are the damages on an Insurance Auction item?
  24. How did the damage occur? How long has the vehicle been in its condition? Have any repairs been done?
  25. Are loose parts displayed in the pictures included in the sale?

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