How do I start getting ready to bid?

To begin to bid first you want to find the item that you are interested in. Once you find the item then you have to decide if you want to place a pre-bid on the item and let us bid on your behalf or if you want to bid live once the item comes up. If you are placing a pre-bid you will place the bid and confirm the fees. Once you confirm the fees the system will ask you for a deposit of $600 or 10% depending on which one is greater and will give you the option to pay via credit or debit card online. Please keep in mind with a pre-bid you will have to monitor that item up until it closes to make sure you close with the highest bid. Once the item closes the auction will begin and once the item comes up we will be bidding up to your maximum bid. If you would like to bid live one you find the item if it says live auction broadcast you will click on the increase limit button on the top right-hand side and submit the deposit that way. Once the item comes up you should be able to bid live.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (215) 289-0300.

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